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Does Frequent Mowing Thicken Grass?

January 11, 2023     

A lush, thick lawn with rich shades of green can breathe life into any garden or landscape, attracting more wildlife while bringing new sights and smells into your garden. A well-maintained lawn will also provide a safe place for children and pets to enjoy the outdoors, but how can you keep your lawn fresh, thick and vibrant? Many believe that the key to success is constant mowing, but is this true?


Generally, yes. Mowing frequently is the key to a healthy lawn because each cut encourages the grass to grow thicker, creating a luscious, dense lawn. You can also block out weeds and make your turf more resilient, which is essential for a long-term, strong lawn. However, it’s important to mow correctly – too much or too little can cause damage to the grass. Mow frequently enough to keep your grass at a reasonable length, but don’t cut it too short, or your lawn won’t have enough leaves to absorb sunlight and produce food. Many avid gardeners and landscapers start mowing in spring, with lawns cut every two weeks. This regular mowing can be critical to a healthy, thick lawn, but it’s not just frequency to consider. To become a master of mowing, you also need to select the right mower and choose the right cutting setting:

  • Choose a mower that is right for your lawn. If you have a small garden, opt for a lightweight option which is easy to manoeuvre. For a larger garden, you may need a heavier or more powerful mower to cut through thicker grass.
  • Use the highest setting for your mower to start with, and then adjust it according to the length of your grass. Keeping the grass length on the high side will encourage thicker growth.
  • Alternate cutting directions each time you mow, as this will help the grass stand tall and upright, encouraging thicker growth.


However, mowing isn’t the only factor in determining a lawn’s health; it’s important to fertilise your lawn regularly and water it properly to keep the grass healthy and vibrant.


You should also consider aeration at least once a year, as this process helps create small passages between soil particles that can assist with water and nutrient absorption while also helping to reduce compaction.


It’s also important to feed your lawn to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs for growth. Choose a fertiliser that is suitable for your grass type, and apply the product evenly across the lawn. It’s imperative to keep your grass fed when using it the most and mowing frequently.


If you intend to plant trees, shrubs or other features in your garden, make sure that you leave enough space between them and the grass to ensure that the lawn receives adequate sunlight. Grass in shady spots can often be patchy and prone to disease, so it’s essential to think carefully about your landscaping design.


It’s important to remember that too much or too little water can damage your lawn. For example, overwatering will also increase the chances of disease, and underwatering will cause the grass to become dry and brittle. To get the balance right, aim to water deeply but infrequently, as this will encourage deeper root growth, which is essential for strong, healthy grass.


It all starts with a soil test. Different soils require specific types of care, so by conducting a soil test, you will be able to understand the quality and composition of your soil. If your soil pH is too low, it’s unlikely your grass will absorb the nutrients it needs. Fortunately, this crucial step allows you to take action early on and adjust your fertilising and watering schedule accordingly.

In short, mowing is essential for a healthy, thick lawn – but there are other factors contributing to success. With the correct mower settings, regular fertilisation and adequate sunlight and watering, you can create a lush environment that looks great all year round. If you’d like to learn more about how you can create a lush, healthy lawn, please get in touch with George Davies Turf today on 01234 714 555 or 01727 821 765.

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