Creative Ways to Use Garden Sleepers


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Creative Ways to Use Garden Sleepers

February 06, 2024     

Last Chance for Winter Garden Prep: Creative Ways to Use Garden Sleepers 

Garden sleepers hints and tips, plus creative ways in which to use them!

As we slowly transition from winter to spring, there are still lots you can do to keep your garden in the best condition. Although we have seen slightly warmer weather, it is still wet and miserable, leaving many of you wanting to hold off on gardening jobs till the warmer Spring weather. Our advice is don’t hold off until then, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!  

Thankfully though, we’re going to be pulling out all the essential winter garden tips. Plus provide you with creative ways to use garden sleepers, just in time for Spring.   

Plan your plot   

Winter is the perfect opportunity to prep and plan your spring/summer garden: what plants would you like to seed? Are you looking to create individual flowerbeds with sleepers? Do you want to reshape or update your lawn with new turf? Is this the year you introduce a vegetable patch or wildflower garden? Whilst your plants are dormant, now’s the time to rejig your garden design and prepare space for planting new bulbs.    

Planning your plot is always a good starting point. However, there are plenty of uses for wooden sleepers, not only do they add a touch of character to your space, but they also offer a practical solution for homeowners. Adding additional seating, raised beds or steps are just a handful of garden project ideas that could transform your garden.  

Raise it up  

Probably the most popular use of garden sleepers is for raised beds. A contemporary and stylish choice for many, sleeper beds provides an excellent framework for winter planters. Garden sleepers not only add structure but also contribute to effective soil insulation, protecting your plants from harsh winter conditions.   

To give your plants the best chance of surviving and thriving, they need quality treated sleepers and the very best soil. Luckily, at George Davies Turf, we supply both. We source one of the best raised bed mix products in the country. Sourced in Lincolnshire, the very sandy-free draining and workable soil combined with a PAS 100 recycled green waste compost makes the ideal growing medium for a raised bed. The compost material gives the soil a higher organic matter content and adds a larger quantity of Phosphate and Potassium which is essential for root development.  

Raised Beds

Retain the walls  

At George Davies Turf, we deal with gardens in all manner of different shapes and sizes. Obscurely shaped or sloped gardens often present landscapers or homeowners with problems in terms of aesthetics, planting, and bordering.   

Soil erosion is another issue that can crop up, especially with sloped gardens. To combat this, you can use garden sleepers as retaining walls. The great thing about sleepers is that they are extremely versatile, we recommend stacking them to create a sturdy and attractive feature. Stacking your sleepers helps prevent soil runoff and provides you with an additional dimension to your landscaping project.  

Take a seat  

Depending on the style and shape of your garden, sleepers can be used to create a handy seating area during the spring and summer months. Arrange them in a circular or linear pattern, add cushions or blankets, and create a relaxing and welcoming space.   

It’s important to note that your sleepers are going to be exposed to the elements, so choosing pressure-treated sleepers is a must. We recommend restaining or repainting your sleepers regularly to keep them in tip-top condition.   

Garden Sleeper Seating

Borderline brilliance  

Ideal for a wide range of garden and landscaping projects, garden sleepers provide the perfect solution for neatening up your garden. Not only do they look the part, but they also help keep mulch in place and prevent soil erosion, keeping our plants and shrubs looking their best throughout the year.  

The path to success  

Having worked on many landscaping projects, we have the knowledge, experience and creative ideas to get your garden the way you want it. Some customers want to break away from the norm, such as paving, stone, or traditional brickwork walkways.  

You can enhance the look and accessibility of your garden by using garden sleepers as pathways or walkways. Their robust structure provides a solid surface to which you can add a lay of gravel or stones, giving you a decorative and functional pathway.  

Garden Landscaping


Hints & Tips  

Treat them well  

As with any outdoor product, we recommend that you continue to treat your sleepers by restaining or repainting them. This will protect your sleepers from the weather throughout the year, however, you choose to use them.  

Ask the Experts  

If you need some support or have any questions about winter garden care or garden sleepers, get in touch with the GDT.  


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