Celebrating turning 21 with a spectacular party



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Celebrating turning 21 with a spectacular party

September 26, 2022     

Turning 21 is no easy feat for any business, which is why we chose to celebrate our milestone George Davies Turf business birthday with the most spectacular evening of food, fun, music and fireworks!

George Davies Turf has grown to become ‘The Landscapers Choice’ and the largest independent supplier of turf in the UK because we put our loyal client base and supporters at the heart of everything we do.

It is no secret that our valued customers, suppliers, team members and the local community in the little Buckinghamshire village of Clifton Reynes are the reason we exist today. So, to say a BIG thank you for joining us on the journey, we threw an incredible party at the beginning of September 2022, and here are some of the magic moments from the epic event.

Over 300 special guests

Hosted at our neighbouring pub, the Robin Hood – a stone’s throw from our George Davies Turf HQ – we were determined to make the whole evening about the people who have supported us over the years.

The atmosphere was buzzing with landscapers, gardeners, our fellow traders, local businesspeople, and villagers – a real family-friendly celebration which included some of our most valued friends and supporters.


Highlights included..

  • A whole host of fun activities for children including competitions, a bouncy castle and bucking bronco


  • A hog roast by Peter and Mark from Robin Hood Pub


  • An impressive bright red hot air balloon courtesy of 88 Digital


  • Music by Zebra – whose drummer Robert Marchant and lead singer Jacqui Smith wowed the crowd


  • A showcase of fireworks to end the evening by Crazy Fireworks


  • Our favourite photographer James Warren from Made in Blue capturing the festivities against the stunning backdrop of George Davies Turf lorries


Reflecting on the George Davies Turf story

The evening was a chance to relax, network and look back on the journey so far, with speeches from key staff members – Operations Manager Freddie Smith and Planning and Logistics Manager Dave Bradbury – and our founder George Davies himself.

Many people don’t know our backstory, but our George first started out in business trading from the back of his trailer, handballing rolls of turf and hand delivering every single one!

Freddie and Dave’s emotive speech about George’s early days and his relentless ambition to grow the business was heart-warming, especially the opening line: “We are here to celebrate the achievements of one man tonight, a man who 21 years ago started a side venture to supplement his income, a business that everyone told him wouldn’t work. Entrepreneurial and innovative, George didn’t settle for normal, he demanded a better quality of product from his suppliers, for his customers, and based his customer service on his own honest values.”

Their speech was followed by a special address by George to the crowd about the exciting plans for the future – read more about our upcoming app here.

George told the crowd: “For nine years I ran the business on my own, but we now have a team of exceptional drivers and dedicated support staff, and are making huge leaps into new markets to supply thousands of orders of premium landscaping materials.

“We are a local company through and through so that we can maintain the high level of freshness we are known for, but our new strapline, ‘proud of our history, excited about the future’ suits our message as a forward-thinking, digitally focused business. We are on an exciting trajectory of growth as a company, but I will never forget where I started. Thank you for joining us on the journey.”


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