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As autumn approaches, we begin to think differently about our garden and how we plan to use it. It was only very recently when we were experiencing extreme heatwaves and dry spells, which made it challenging to keep our lawn looking luscious and fresh, however, autumn presents new opportunities. And as we get further and further into Autumn, we’ll have to start thinking about how to prepare lawns for the cooler months once the humidity eventually passes. And here are some of our tips -



Thatch can become a big problem throughout autumn if it's not dealt with. Thatch is the dead grass, leaves and other organic matter that builds up on your lawn over time, and if it's not removed, it prevents water, air and nutrients from reaching the grassroots, making your lawn more susceptible to disease.

To get rid of thatch, you'll need to scarify your lawn. This involves using a garden rake or scarifier to remove the thatch from the surface of the lawn. For larger lawns, you can use mower attachments, however, in most cases, a typical garden rake will do the job just fine.


To help your lawn recover from summer and prepare for winter, you should aerate it. This involves spiking holes in your lawn so that there's free movement of air and water in the root zone. You can either use a garden fork or an aerating machine to do this. If you're using a garden fork, simply push it into the ground as far as it will go and twist it to make a hole. Repeat this process across the entire lawn. If you're using an aerating machine, try to avoid carrying out the entire process when it's wet as the holes may seal up, not letting water and air through.



Once you've scarified and aerated your lawn, it's a good idea to top-dress it. This involves adding a layer of compost or other organic matter to the surface of the lawn, improving drainage, as well as giving the grass a boost of nutrients.



As we head towards autumn, it's a good time to start fertilising your lawn. This will help to keep it green and healthy throughout the cooler months. Look for a fertiliser that contains slow-release nitrogen, as this will provide a longer-lasting feed for your lawn.

Do you need a new lawn?

So many factors influence the overall quality and appearance of your garden lawn. In a perfect world, you'd have plenty of sunshine, a nice soaking from rain every now and then, and quality nutrient-rich soil to enable your grass to grow thick, green and healthy. However, most of us don't have that perfect environment, so taking care of your lawn and giving it the best chance to survive and thrive is essential.

If you're considering getting a new lawn, now is the ideal time to do it. Just be sure to prepare the ground first by removing any weeds, raking up any dead leaves or other debris and adding high-quality topsoil to create the perfect environment for your new lawn to take root.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our turf and topsoil products and our installation services. We'll be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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