Autumn Leaves, Autumn Lawns


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Autumn Leaves, Autumn Lawns

October 06, 2017      Autumn Tips

With carpets of beautiful brown leaves to wander through and a slight chill in the air, I think it’s fair to say that we are now well and truly in the throes of Autumn. The balmy summer days are gone and it’s time to start wrapping up and keeping warm. But what does the change in seasons mean for your lawn? There are a few bits that you will need to add to your lawn care regime, and some things to be thinking about when it comes to your garden.

Scarification – it’s now or never…

…well, not quite. You can scarify your lawn whenever you would like but Autumn is a really good time to do this; it means that your grass can take the winter months to recover so that it is healthy and full of life when Spring rolls around. Scarifying a garden lawn is a somewhat cumbersome task, but luckily it’s something you should only really need to do once a year. The process removes the dead grass and mossy areas that sit atop the soil. This means that water can percolate through your lawn and drain away quicker, whilst also allowing the roots to breathe.  If you are doing so, make sure that you scarify before feeding so that the growing grass can reap the benefits of the extra nutrients. 

Mowing and Growing

So you may find that your lawn is now starting to look a little tired and worn out after all of your Summer barbecues and garden parties – don’t panic. Autumn is a fantastic time weather-wise to both sow grass seeds and lay new turf. This is really good news as it means that you can perform any necessary repairs and lay any new pieces of turf that you would like. Renovation requires water to help the grass seeds to germinate, and to help existing grass to both repair and recover. Only undertake renovation if you are able to water your lawn if conditions are or do become dry. Any newly laid turf will require regular watering in order to establish properly. When it comes to mowing, you should see that the growth of your grass is booming due to the moisture levels, so you’re probably looking at a weekly mow cycle. It really can differ garden to garden, however, so it is important to keep an eye on yours and give it a trim when you deem it necessary. Feeding your lawn is important throughout the Autumn months and you should do so using an Autumn feed/ fertiliser – these are rich in phosphates and potash which will encourage a healthy lawn and develop strong roots.

A Few Last Tips

One of the key things to stay on top of during Autumn is falling leaves. It’s really important that you are regularly clearing loose leaves from your lawn as these block the sunlight from reaching your grass, meaning it is weaker and more susceptible to diseases. Speaking of diseases, you will need to continue keeping your eyes peeled for any telltale signs. Preventative measures, such as keeping your mower blades sharp and ensuring your grass is not too long, can be taken, but we know that the best prevention is simply keeping your lawn as healthy as possible.  As the weather cools and becomes wetter, worms will start to surface and produce muddy casts that cause mowing problems. Worms are beneficial in that they digest organic matter providing nutrients and thus enriching the soil. They also do some valuable aeration, so they are handy creatures to have around. However, the casts they create can be unsightly and irritating. In terms of removal, brushing doesn’t work when the casts are wet but you can reduce the casting. This can be done with any product specifically formulated for worm cast control.

Autumn is a great time to complete any repairs needed on your turf – the temperatures aren’t biting yet but it’s also not too hot to be doing a bit of hard work here and there. It’s a fairly laid back time in terms of caring for your turf, giving you time to start thinking about the chillier Winter months to come.

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