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I have been blogging about various turf-related topics for several months now, ranging from product highlights to seasonal turf warnings, and I hope that these have been both informative and helpful when it comes to making those all-important turf decisions. We're exceptionally proud of the products that we sell, but why should George Davies Turf Ltd be your number one choice when it comes to turf? What is it that makes us stand out from the crowd? Let’s have a look...


We want to ensure we can provide our customers with both great quality products and great customer service. In order to do this, we know that we have to keep evolving and growing our business, whilst also maintaining quality assurance. Since the early days of GDT, we have substantially grown in all areas of the business, including the expansion of our product range. We now offer several different types of natural turf, as well as artificial turf, fertiliser, Millboard Composite Decking and various types of topsoil - and that’s just a few! In an ever changing world, we are constantly looking to update and grow our product range to ensure that we are offering the best products on the market.


When we first opened our doors in 2001, George Davies Turf was just George and a trailer, giving him the capability to deliver no more than 40 rolls of turf at a time. 16 years on and we are now supplying and delivering anything from one roll of turf to entire golf courses and sports pitches. Our team and fleet has grown exponentially in order to keep up with growing demands and we are now operating from two depots across the Home Counties. Our impressive fleet of lorries and delivery vehicles are distinguishable by their striking red colour. Acquiring delivery equipment, such as our Mantiou, has meant that we are consistently able to deliver our turf to exactly where the customer requires, be it a domestic back garden or a commercial golf course.


The team here at George Davies Turf are a key part of why we are so good at what we do. Our staff are dedicated, knowledgeable and will be there to help you every step of the way.  Customer care is so important to us – if you’re unhappy then so are we! The team are on hand for any turf related queries you may have, whether it be in the early stages when you are deciding which product is best for you, or if you are looking for advice on how best to care for your turf.


If there's one thing that we know, it’s turf. Having built his business from the ground up, George has a definite passion for turf and this is evident through the service that we provide to our customers today. It's really important to us that not only are we giving our customers a fantastic quality of turf, but that they are also armed with the knowledge and any other necessary products to ensure the turf establishes and thrives as best it can. We are passionate and driven, and this has helped our business to grow and thrive over the years. And we aren’t slowing down anytime soon!


We really care about what we are selling and making sure that our customers are happy with the product that they receive is truly important to us. Our main aim is to serve the customer and over the years we have made constant improvements to provide the best possible service, and we will continue to do this. Our goal is to continue combining the best possible turf with the best possible service, and providing this at prices that are both fair and affordable. When it comes to turf, we really are the 'silver service' standard, and will continue to make improvements and evolve as a company, allowing us to stay at the top of our game. 

Millboard Range
Composite Decking

Moulded from smooth timber for a textured look and feel, our Enhanced Grain collection recreates the subtle nuances that only natural wood can give. Each of the five shades showcases the grain beautifully.

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Our wide range of services include supplying to householders, landscapers, golf courses, housebuilders, landscape architects & local authorities.

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Here at George Davies Turf, we take great pride in delivering fresh, quality turf, whether it’s for a domestic property or a major commercial requirement… we guarantee a speedy delivery of your turf and in perfect condition, ready for immediate transplantation right where and when you need it.

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