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I think we can all happily agree that we are now firmly into spring, with the intermittent bursts of sunshine coupled with the arrival of the usual April showers. Essentially we are in the midst of the months where the British weather simply cannot make up its mind - we can have temperatures rivalling Ibiza one minute and the heavens can open the next. It's important with the ever changing weather patterns that not only are you carrying an umbrella with you at all times, but also that you are taking the correct measures to ensure that your lawn is being taken care of properly and treated well.

A change of season means that your lawn care routine needs to change too so that you can keep the best looking, healthiest lawn at all times. There are many things to be aware of and various steps that you need to take. We've explored a few key areas that we think you should know and steps that should be undertaken during the spring months.


One of the most important things that you can do for your lawn during the springtime is keep up with a regular mowing schedule. You should be aiming to keep your grass at the same height all throughout the spring months, and you're most likely looking at mowing it on a weekly/ fortnightly basis. However, the height to which you are trimming the grass is key. We still face fairly chilly nights so the grass should still be kept fairly high in order to keep a thermal protection layer, which will provide protection against the colder temperatures. Furthermore, mowing your lawn too short will weaken the grass and also allows weeds and moss to more easily establish themselves and spoil your lawn. It's also important to never reduce the height of your grass by more than 25% each time. If you are mowing fairly newly laid turf, don't worry too much about collecting the grass clippings unless they are blocking the sunlight from reaching the lawn - they are rich in nutrients and this is really good for the turf.


Feeding your grass with a nitrogen-based fertiliser will make the grass greener and more aesthetically pleasing and helps to promote thicker growth and increased strength. Having a strong, healthy lawn means that it will be better equipped to deal with any weather-related stresses and the arrival of moss or weeds. When using a fertiliser, one of the most important things to do is ensure that you are spreading it evenly in order to maintain a uniform colour. If you are fertilising a large area then the best way to achieve this would be by using a lawn spreader. However, doing it by hand is absolutely fine for smaller areas. You can read more about our range of recommended fertilisers here.


Whilst weeds and moss are pesky things that can ruin the look of your lawn, it's not all doom and gloom - lawns that are strong, well fed and have generally been well taken care of will fare much better against these annoyances than those that haven't. If and when weeds and moss do become a problem for you, it's something that needs to be nipped in the bud as quickly as possible. There are simple solutions for the problem of moss or weeds individually, as well as if they decide to attack together. If you are facing the problem of moss on its own, there are lawn moss killers available that also contain a feed that will brighten up the green of your lawn - win, win! Be aware that the moss will become black as it is killed, and can become an eyesore so it would be unwise to use it right before throwing a garden party.

If it's weeds that are plaguing your lawn then your best bet is to use a liquid lawn weed killer. When used correctly, this will cause no damage to your lawn and will kill most, if not all, weeds. If your lawn is being hit by both pesky plagues at once, you should be using a granular lawn product that contains feeding, weed control and moss control ingredients. One thing to bear in mind is that most of these products are usually hormone acting, meaning they will achieve their best results in slightly warmer weather, especially overnight so it's best to wait to use them until warmer nights become more than a rare occasion!

Making sure that you have a strong lawn care routine in place as we move into spring means that you can keep your lawn in tip-top condition (and your neighbours green with envy!) A little effort here will go a long way to making sure that you have a beautiful lawn that you can start really enjoying as the weather warms up and the sunshine becomes a daily occurrence rather than a rarity!

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